The first snowstorm of the season

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetSnow came this weekend and there is something so perfect about soft, white, heavy snowfall with the Christmas tree lit up in the living room and fresh coffee in the pot. We made a brief excursion into the wonderland. It was precluded by about twenty minutes of struggling with gloves and boots and hats. In preparation for the storm, I stopped by the consignment shop yesterday for some gear. The only boots I found for JH are the ugliest Spiderman boots that light up when you walk—perhaps the highlight of the morning. My only complaint about snow before the semester ends? The shoveling falls to me.Processed with VSCO with f3 preset

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Edith is the happiest little snow bunny and could stay out for hours.

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In contrast, JH whined most of the time and I think especially hated not being able to move. Even more reason to walk, little boy.
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Personality differences.

Present sight, I

Processed with VSCO with lv01 presetThe incarnate Word is with us,
still speaking, is present
always, yet leaves no sign
but everything that is.
(Wendell Berry)

I have had this sort of subtle, yet constant, feeling as I go through my days that I should have a hobby, or some sort of activity that I do. The free time that I do have these days (read: the overlapping nap time that happens usually for an hour every afternoon) is primarily spent doing dishes, cleaning up the house, preparing dinner for the evening, and then maybe reading a page or two in a book. But even then, I feel like I ought to paint, or knit, or hand letter, or crochet, or make things. And I feel unsettled and unhappy because I feel like I don’t have a hobby or a “thing” of my own.

Recently I’ve been remembering that at one time in my life, I considered myself a photographer. And I would still like to be one today. I have three loaded film cameras that I got out again, and I thought I should get my digital out more often, as well. (My equipment is getting old and doesn’t work as well is it used to, so it tends to be frustrating more often than not, but alas!) I think I can pretty easily take an enjoyable, cute photo of my kids but mostly because they are so darn cute. But back before I had children, I took photos of things that I saw, and I want to get back into that. I want to notice the little pieces of beauty in each day, and to capture them. Perhaps sometimes for others to appreciate, but primarily for me to appreciate as I attempt to embrace the details of these days that feel so moment-to-moment and dictated by the needs and feelings of two little ones.

Maybe this is just another one of my “project ideas” that I usually begin and rarely continue for very long. But I hope not. Inspired by one of Wendell Berry’s Sabbath Poems, quoted at the beginning of this post, I hope to notice and capture at least a few times a week the signs that I see of beauty and incarnation around me. I want my present sight to be that which notices and embraces the entirety of this world that is so impregnated with glory and love.

So this little photo is my first entry.

Catching up: photos

Since I recently deactivated my facebook, another goal for this blog is to post photos once a week especially for family members.

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This boy has been growing so quickly and I have recently been remembering just how much I love the 4 month age. He is so sweet and has recently gotten into hanging out on his belly so that the second you put him down on his back, whether to change a diaper or just to play, he immediately tries to roll.
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Just trying to keep it together until dinner.
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Post-nap oranges with Pooh Bear.
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We have had sickness in the house for the last two weeks now and I am so ready for it to just go away.
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Edith’s recent favorite perch. I love watching her carry her rocking chair over to the closet and then set it up in just the right spot so that she can see the mirror.