What big sisters are for

John Henry and I were gearing up for a serious battle of wills over the egg on his plate, which he usually scarfs down every morning. I went upstairs to help baby for a minute and came down to this: she helped him finish his entire egg, without a single complaint or whine from her brother. I am indebted to her.

Life in a polar vortex

Our faces when we looked at the forecast:

We’ve been living under piles of sweaters and fleeces and blankets, the heat is at 63 and it still runs almost constantly, and the cold literally takes one’s breath away.

I feel particularly grateful for a warm house this week, and especially that we are able to give our children a warm and safe place to live.

In other news, Drew is still the front page headline of the day, almost four months later, and all of the time that he is awake we spend watching him, laughing at him, or trying to make him laugh. Edith especially has blossomed into a sweet and helpful big sister. Both boys are so lucky to have her.