Finishing Germany

This post seems unnecessary, but is necessary for me to close the chapter on my records of our European adventure. The last week of our time in Germany was mostly comprised of quiet days, trying to stay cool and slowly packing up our life and getting our apartment clean.

We did some swimming in the Isar River, crossed Asamkirche off our list of churches we had yet to visit, and finally tried the authentic French boulangerie I had been wanting to check out.

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After Aunt EA bought Edith a traditional Bavarian dress, it never came off and it was too funny watching her march around Munich looking like a local.

By that last week, with the heat and my pregnancy advancing, I became more and more uncomfortable and had less and less energy, so it was great to have the kids a bit more experienced when it comes to trams, subways, elevators, escalators, etc., and they needed much less supervision and help with the transportation side of things.

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Saying goodbye to the city was an odd experience. It is anticlimactic but also strange riding on that last tram and subway, leaving your little apartment for the last time, knowing that it is quite likely the last time you might see the streets of Munich. Our time treated us well, and I am so glad we braved the adventure.

I am so proud of the children and how beautifully they handled the adjustments, the new experiences, and the long days we often placed in their lives. The journey home ended up being 21 total hours from the time we left our apartment to the time we arrived at our front door in South Bend, but the children were wonderful and, of course, excited by all the “big airplanes.”

My dad asked the other day how the adjustment from “fun and frolicking” to being back home was going and I told him that we are now frolicking. However wonderful and fun Munich was, Munich was not frolicking. It seems we have all breathed a collective sigh of relief to be home and in our element again. Life is settling into a routine again, although it does feel like another shakeup is right around the corner!

I am so thankful for the trip we were able to take, the memories we made, and all the incredible places we saw. I’d like to try to keep the blog semi-regularly updated, at least with a few photos, for family members especially (hi, Grammy!). We’ll see how successful I am.

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