Monday church tour

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We have been busy this week enjoying Munich with Aunt EA and helping her check the sights off of her to-see list. (Which also means dropping her off at places like museums that she gets to enjoy sans-toddlers.)

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Monday was for a walking tour of some of the Munich churches in the center of the old city. First, Bürgersaalkirche, built in 1710. Church tours with Aunt EA usually look like the children and I make a quick circle around the building, hopefully pause to enjoy one or two pieces of art or a side chapel, and then exit before anyone is too loud or too whiny. We wait outside for five-twentyish minutes for Aunt EA who enjoys every word and every brush stroke or piece of historical art in the building. At our first church, we waited outside for her so long that I was worried we lost her (the family knows that very real fear), but as it turns out she was being too polite, allowing a Spaniard to talk to her for a very long time.

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While we waited for EA, Edith and John Henry enjoyed the street musicians and danced around the busy Karlsplatz.

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Next, St. Michael’s Kirche, built in the early 1590’s and one of my favorites in Munich. Both of these churches are set into the buildings along a busy shopping street, so it’s almost surprising to come upon them after passing an H&M or a tourist shop.

Frauenkirche next, Munich’s cathedral, and one of the iconic places in the city. The church was originally 12th century and was heavily damaged by bombing in World War II. It lost most of its interior to the war, and feels a bit more bare and unadorned than the others. Sadly for us, there is also scaffolding covering one of the towers.

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Last on this trip, Heiliggeist Kirche, the Church of the Holy Spirit. This is much smaller, but has many similarities to St. Michael’s, and St. Peter’s across the way. I had not been in this one yet, so I was glad to have finally gone in.

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After our tour, we had lunch at a café beside the church. We sat on the second-story terrace and had a lovely view of the city around us.

Edith has been very into The Very Hungry Caterpillar this summer and was absolutely delighted to receive this plush one. It has been her greatest treasure this summer, but we left it at a coffee shop a few days earlier and she had been missing it. Thankfully, it was still there a few days later and they were reunited this morning. Hence the caterpillar in most photos.

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The plan was to then return home for naps and a grocery store run, but then I discovered I had locked my set of keys in our apartment (thankfully I discovered that right after lunchtime, not once we had already returned home) and we would have to go get Travis’ set. The language institute is further out from our apartment than we already were, so we made an afternoon of it, stopping to pick up the keys, swinging by the grocery store, and then stopping at the Isar River for the babies to enjoy the water, something I have been wanting to do for a while. They were absolutely delighted, as throwing rocks into water is their favorite pastime. It quickly became a diapers-only outing, and they were so pleased.

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Of course Aunt EA was egging them on, trying to get them to lie on their backs in the river. JH took her up on it completely, Edith almost.

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After an unexpected napless day, full of walking, everyone was exhausted and ready to sleep. A good day, all around.

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