The last few days

We have been spending the last few days of Travis’ time off a bit more quietly, with grocery store runs, coffee stops, tram rides, and longer walks through some of my favorite neighborhoods. It has been great to have him with us and I have especially appreciated having an extra set of hands as we are out and about. Tomorrow class starts again, so I’ll be on my own for a week before EA arrives! We are so excited for her to come, and I am especially looking forward to her arrival, as I have been missing the company of friends. Here are some photos from the last few days.

I love a good rainy day in the city, and we had one a few days ago. It has been a mild summer; we have never once gone to bed sweating, and the temperature remains in the 70’s (sorry South Bend!). The few rainy days we have had, the temperature has dipped down to where we need pants and sweatshirts. My favorite.

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Four of the best things in life:

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John Henry has really turned a corner and seems to be much more settled. I love seeing his more easy-going personality and pleasantness return, and his vocabulary and ability to communicate have exploded, with him using four to five-word sentences. I give Edith all the credit, as she talks to him non-stop all day long. My favorite things he says lately are how he responds to most questions with just a simple “yes” (not “yeah”), and he thinks that “hold you” is one word, so he’ll say things like, “Mama hold you me?” or “Bubby hold you bulldozer?” He and Edith both continue to be fascinated by babies and if they hear one crying on the tram or subway, they immediately try to find where it is.

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On this day, Edith taught Bubby to put his hands in his sweatshirt pockets, and he was tickled pink and so proud of himself every time.

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On Sunday, we attended Theatine Church, a huge, gorgeous church in the middle of the city. I didn’t get any of the inside, but plan to go back soon. I really enjoy the city on Sunday mornings, as it is quiet and still. We had a little time to pass, so we discovered the church’s lovely courtyard and the kids enjoyed the fountain and the climbing opportunities.

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After mass, we walked out of the church right into the center of a Greek culture festival, where we got to enjoy fantastic gyros and live Greek music. Another highlight.

Today was for coffee and new toys at a coffee shop, and Edith cradled the cherries from the sidewalk stand all the way home.

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I still think that my greatest life-saver on this trip, and the unlooked-for blessing has been our backyard. The kids play it in it non-stop, almost always very happily with little to no bickering, from naptime to dinner time and then after dinner as long as we allow it. I can’t imagine being cooped up inside or having to go to a playground to pass the time or to get some fresh air, and I am trying to remember to be grateful, every day, for this little space. I am also grateful that Edith and John Henry play so well together and I truly enjoy just sitting, listening to their conversation and watching their imaginations.

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    1. Shannon Lacy

      You know me, G. Pretty sure a dorky mirror selfie is the closest you’ll get to a “photoshoot”. 😁🙈

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