Settling in again

2018-07-01 01.53.37 1.jpg

The remnants of our France adventure hang in my kitchen window here, and we are very much, again, in Germany. As Travis is between class sessions, we get him for the whole week and are alternating between enjoying some adventures and taking it easy.

2018-06-30 07.42.53 1.jpg

Our first day back, we walked to the park, did the grocery shopping, and generally settled back into the routine of life here. Sunday was for coffee and cake at a café that advertises a whole corner of toys, so Travis and I were able to actually sit and sip our coffee for a while as the kids explored all the exciting options. I love a café where a kid can ride by on a scooter.

This is the look of a very excited little girl. (You might also think, for the rest of our trip, that Edith lost her entire wardrobe. But this dress from France delighted her so much that she asks to wear it every morning.)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

In other news, the fifth member of our family continues to grow (too quickly for my liking). I am glad we’re doing so much walking this summer, but it does result in a sore body and tired legs every night. My energy levels are still good, and I am glad that Aunt EA will be here very soon to play with us and help me hold toddlers and maneuver double strollers on and off trains and trams!

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

3 thoughts on “Settling in again

  1. Elizabeth WInston

    I am loving catching up on this so much! Your photos are gorgeous! Where do you get your kids clothes? They always look so cute! And WHERE is that gorgeous dress from!? I love it so much! You look beautiful.

    1. Shannon Lacy

      Thank you Liz! 😊 The ever-generous grandparents provide my children with the majority of their wardrobe, which mainly comes from Hanna Andersson and Boden. Not very budget friendly. My dress, however, is from the budget-friendly capital, Old Navy! 😉

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