France, the last two days

Our last few days in France were quietly full of laundry, pool time, lunch at Paul Boulangerie (delicious and inspiring), and naps.

With the kids waking up early every morning, I would separate them, pray for a little more sleep for both, and then sit with my coffee and book. This was my favorite place to sit, listening to the bees buzzing on the lavender, and watching the sky grow lighter.

The children really loved the pool and I was especially pleased to see Edith’s growing confidence in the water. She has been overcoming much timidity and fear this trip, and the pool was another example of that.

Our final morning, Axelle provided us with bunches of lavender and we headed to the bakery for a few souvenir pastries

The trip back to Munich, although a long day, was simple and easy. The children really are becoming pros at the routines of airplanes and trains and I am thankful it was so simple to travel with them on my own. Here is a view of the Swiss Alps from the sky.

All in all, our trip to France was absolutely delightful. I am so grateful we has the opportunity to return to such a beautiful place and to visit with special family friends. Their generosity was unmatched! They also made the trip without Travis so much simpler with their many arms ready to carry babies, hold bags, push a stroller, and generally keep my arms empty as often as possible. I am proud of myself for making the trip on my own and proud of the children for how well they adjusted and for their openness to new friends, new places, and new sights. It was completely worth the exhaustion and occasional frustrations!

France holds such a special place in my heart, something I discovered on this trip as I found I recognized even different intersections or shops. It is a magical place, and I am hoping it won’t take another eleven years before I have the chance to return. Next, the kiddos and I have to show the place to Travis!

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