France, the fourth day

As Axelle had to work in the morning, we spent our time post 6 a.m. wakeup (sigh) in Grabels, walking down the hill to the old city to do some exploring. Of course, the adventures began with some croissant (almond for me) and pain au chocolat. Why else am I in France if not to eat pastries? I like to think all of the walking we’ve been doing is a nice balance. We ate them in the shade of the town’s church, a beautiful, very old building. I didn’t find a year for it, but it has a perfect shaded courtyard and a fountain that came in handy for washing sticky hands afterwards.

The Camino of St. James, a famous and very popular medieval pilgrimage path to the tomb of St. James in Spain runs through Grabels, and the church still offers a place to pilgrims to spend the night on their way through.

After our courtyard interlude, we walked further down the hill to La Mosson, one of Grabels’ rivers. The Camino runs right along the river, so we got to walk it for a little ways. It is remarkable to think of the many feet that have trod that path for centuries.

The walk back up the hill is, thankfully, decently gradual. And we took our time, pausing to look down narrow alleys and admire all the blooming flowers.

After naptime and a swim, we drove a bit further out into the country to sample some olive oil and vinegar. It was delicious and I am sad I don’t have a checked bag from here back to Munich so I couldn’t bring any home with me.

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