Munich’s 860th

This weekend was Munich’s 860th birthday and the city holds a giant celebration throughout the center of the old town.

We actually stumbled across it, not realizing it was such a big weekend and enjoyed a taste of traditional Bavarian culture like men cracking whips very loudly (I have no further explanation for what exactly was going on), lots and lots of liederhosen, and we got to eat some delicious food.

It is mind-blowing to realize this city has existed for so much longer than my entire home country has!

There were food tents set up in the Marienplatz, the main square, as well as a stage where a New Orleans-style jazz band was playing. Edith especially loved dancing to the music and I was surprised to suddenly hear English in the middle of Munich!

Travis had schnitzel on a sandwich, John Henry downed an entire Weiswurst, eating it like a banana, and I enjoyed this amazing Bavarian “hot dog” called a Bonsa. It had a Weiswurst on top of a slaw with horseradish and some kind of mustard-y sauce, from what I’ve read after the fact, possibly with some curry in it. The whole thing was served on a pretzel roll and topped with fried onions. So delicious. The babies capped everything off with a waffle on a stick, likely the highlight for them. (Another highlight was the large dancing clock on the town hall building!)

This city is slowly finding its way into my heart, and it felt like a special treat to be celebrating its birthday with the locals. (And a whole bunch of tourists as well!)

After such a big weekend, we took today slowly. Edith collected snails and made them a salad, I enjoyed hanging clothes on the clothesline in the backyard, and I braved the weekly grocery run with the two of them in tow.

It is amazing how much more complicated simple things like getting groceries can be without a car, but we made it work (the huge stroller basket is a lifesaver!) and John Henry didn’t mind having a prop for his feet on the trip back!

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