The second week

Since our big adventure to Freising earlier this week, rain, chilly weather, and my own tiredness kept the rest of the week pretty simple and quiet. Munich apparently has a number of museums that are wonderful for children, so on a cold, rainy Wednesday we decided to explore one, choosing the Deutches Museum Verkehrszentrum (the transportation location of the Deutches Museum). This was the closest to our house and involved the least amount of walking in the pouring rain.

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The museum itself is aesthetically quite lovely, with bright colors, a lot of natural light, and some creative displays. My children aren’t quite at the age, yet, where we can spend a lot of time even at a museum like this as they wanted to ride (“yide,” as JH says) everything and didn’t quite understand that sometimes we go to museums just to look. Thankfully they did have a few train cars the children could go on, as well as a tractor trailer truck cab to “drive” that we visited a few times. The kids could have stayed at the truck for hours, I think.

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The next day was quite chilly, so we took a walk in the park and made a trek to the grocery store after naptime. All of the feathers Edith collected on our walk have ended up on our back patio and there are so many that when I catch a glimpse of them, it looks like there’s a dead bird in the backyard! As it turns out, Thursday the transportation workers went on strike so the tram and subway schedules were completely messed up, few were running at all, and it was the talk of the town that evening. I love imagining all of the dinner-time conversations that the strike prompted.

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After the rain and cold, today’s sunshine was heartily welcomed and we enjoyed it by going pretty far into the old town from our apartment in search of a highly-recommended coffee shop and the promise of “watching surfers.” Before today, Edith and John Henry had no idea what surfers were and last night when I was putting Edith to bed, she says, “Remember, we don’t touch surfers.” I think, now, she understands that they are people.

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The coffee shop was just what I imagine all European cafés should be: walls of windows that open completely out onto the street, beautiful light, and as a special treat for me especially, we discovered an entire corner of toys for the kids. I was able to enjoy my cappuccino in relative peace for about five minutes while they played happily; until the cake came: an apricot streusel cake and some sort of cherry cake topped with candied almonds. Both were incredibly delicious. The apricot piece had some sort of frangipane, I believe, with crushed poppy seeds, and the almonds on the cherries reminded me of the almond extract my mom would always put in her sour cherry pie. The kids highly approved, as well, and surprisingly today we all happily shared the pieces together, with Edith even feeding John Henry bites off of her fork.

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After our café stop, we headed to the English Garden, to Eisbachwelle (the “ice brook wave”), the local surfing attraction in the Isar River which runs through the city. We enjoyed watching and Edith was, no surprise, inspired by the view and began “surfing” herself on the bench and around the park.

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One of my favorite moments of our days continues to be the race to our front gate. I am reminded, every time, what a blessing it is to have such a wonderful apartment with lots of space for us to spread out, play, sleep, and rest, with a beautiful backyard and a quiet little street. It is not something I will ever take for granted!

All in all, we had a lovely, quiet week with some simple, quiet days and a few days of exhausting outings and incredible new sights and tastes. Besides 6 a.m. wakeups, the toddlers are doing beautifully and Edith tells us she wants to stay in “Munich, Germany” for a while still.

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