Wandering Karlsplatz

Munich has a number of public transportation options: bus, two subway systems, and a tram, which runs above-ground and allows for the best sightseeing. The tram stop is just two minutes from our house, so one of my goals is to take the tram everywhere we go, even if it means a few extra minutes. Not only does it allow us to see more of the city, but it’s also much simpler than trying to find elevators in all of the subway stations!

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With that in mind, I hopped on the tram this afternoon, alone, with just a camera and a wallet while the children slept and Travis studied. Thanks especially to getting more sleep these days, I think, I have been slowly feeling less culture shock and concern about the language difference. Exploring on my own today also helped me feel the excitement of travel and new places more than the stresses and responsibilities of holding together the lives of two toddlers. It was also strangely encouraging being surrounded by so many different languages and crowds of people as it helped me remember that I am not the only foreigner in this city, and so my inability to speak German and my existence in this town is not a novelty. It helped me to feel a bit less conspicuous, I think, although I am beginning to accept that I will always be noticed these days with a double stroller and pregnant belly!

I rode down to Karlsplatz, one of the large squares in Munich’s center, since it is the closest central stop on the tram line from our apartment. It is mostly a large street filled with street vendors and lined with restaurants and shops, but with an occasional church situated between some of the buildings. Only in Europe do you come across a piece of historical architecture sitting in the midst of H&Ms and sidewalk cafes!

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Bürgersaalkirche (1709)
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St. Michael’s Kirche

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