The first week: toddler explorations

In an effort to adjust to a new place and a new routine this summer, we have been keeping this week’s days simple and quiet. I’ve tried a few smaller outings, going nowhere near the throngs of people and popular tourist attractions. We have explored the large park by our house thoroughly (too much, really, for my feet), found some amazing play spots, enjoyed our own little backyard, and made the nice walk down to the local grocery store, which is a lovely way to pass a little time.

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I couldn’t keep myself from getting out my camera when I noticed Edith looking like a little woodland fairy in the backyard, collecting crab apples and ferns and sticks.

Today we walked a very long way under and over busy roads, through rows and rows of trees and past wild strawberries and wildflowers, looking for the Westpark water playground I had been reading about. Westpark is huge, but it’s hard to figure out the best way to get to different parts of it, so we walked a lot farther than necessary on our search. Edith marched the whole way there, collecting all manner of novelties on our way.

The water playground is quite the attraction, with a big castle in the middle of an ankle-deep moat, swings, sand pits, see-saws, and even a creek that feeds into the moat. The kids were delighted and spent a very happy morning exploring.

2018-06-06 12.33.40 1

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Tomorrow I plan to brave the trek into the center of the city with the toddlers, keeping in mind the strategies I’ve learned in these last few days for how to best keep toddlers close by, how to maneuver the stroller on and off the tram, and especially how to get on the correct bus/tram/subway in the first place. Should be quite an adventure!

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One thought on “The first week: toddler explorations

  1. Thank you for sharing all these lovely pictures and all the little things you have been doing everyday with us! That park looks like an amazing place to my 8 year-old self. 😉

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