A little update: a German summer

Whatever this blog has been in the past few years, of late it has been nothing. I suppose that is due to two very cute, very funny, very busy little people who require my constant attention as well as to a third little Lacy in-utero who takes the few bits of energy I have left to continue growing. Little brother is due to join us in October!

The big news for our summer is that come Thursday, the Lacys will be traveling to Munich, Germany where Travis will spend the next nine weeks studying the language and the kids and I will spend our days exploring the city, finding all of the old churches we can, and hopefully napping a lot. I hope to record our adventures frequently, so those looking for updates on our time in Germany (as well as a week in Provence!) hopefully won’t be disappointed.

We are spending our last few days scrubbing the house, mulching the gardens, doing a lot of laundry (although that is every day lately), and finding all possible ways to not put food in our refrigerator and feed ourselves without my having to cook anything. The cooking motivation is low over here, folks. And possibly for the summer? I’d like to think we can survive on grapes, cheese, and bread, but I suppose that’s not likely.

We would appreciate any prayers you can offer for safety in our travels, and peace and joy particularly for the flight and the adjustment to a new place and a new time. The journey currently feels a bit daunting and it is hard to look past, but we are very excited for all the adventures that await!

2 thoughts on “A little update: a German summer

  1. Greg Wilhelm

    Love your writing.
    Looking forward to seeing images of Europe and your accompanying prose.

    And why is Travis studying German?

    1. Shannon Lacy

      Thank you! Travis’ program requires French, German, and Latin and his project will involve a lot of German theologians, so this will help his studies immensely!

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