What We Ate: Fall

Thanksgiving is the food event of the year for my family, and this year we got to host it in our home. My mom’s garden-grown pink, yellow, orange, and purple carrots were the prettiest part of the plate. And, no surprise, the apple pie was the thing I wanted to keep eating and never stop. We had a few other food events this fall that are worth recording, so here they are.

burnished chicken
When fall comes and all of the beautiful root vegetables appear at the farmers market, this dish is always a go-to. I love the crispy roasted edges on the parsnips and the beautiful big shallots. Following the recipe exactly is worth it, down to the whole-grain mustard and the bacon and parsley on top. I served it with green beans with paprika and shallots, and it is probably the best meal I’ve had all fall (multiple times).

Processed with VSCO with a7 presetpotato & leek galette
I’ve never made a galette before, and pie-like crusts are not usually my strong suit, but I figured I’d try my hand at a potato and leek galette with a rosemary and sea-salt crust. I found a really nice aged provolone and fresh ricotta to put on top from our specialty grocery store. (Again, worth the extra dollars and effort it takes to find those ingredients!) The leftovers made the perfect lunch, and even breakfast!

chile-rubbed braised beef
My mom makes this beef regularly and when she kindly supplied my freezer with a beautiful chunk of grass-fed beef, I knew this was the only way to use it. I served it on top of rice, as it is more “kid-friendly,” but my mom serves it often as tacos which is also amazing. We ate it two days in a row and my husband declared it an absolute favorite. Also, it cooks itself which is a huge plus when you have two little toddlers running around.

Every Thursday is breakfast for dinner day, and when I’m not boring and just do pancakes and eggs or breakfast burritos, I like to make a frittata. I don’t have a certain recipe I use; just a general base and then I like to throw different things into them. I put just as much cream as I do milk into the eggs (#JuliaChild) and then add whatever else strikes my fancy. My family’s favorite is bacon, asparagus, and goat cheese. I’ve done potatoes, broccoli, spinach, parmesan, leeks. I’m sure pretty much anything works in these!

Also, one last note: buy the new Smitten Kitchen cookbook. It’s the best.

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