What We Ate: So Far This Summer

FBF72E5D-19DE-4A9D-B227-B9FEE0F2CF3FLook, they’re not all from Smitten Kitchen!

Pork chops with citrus dressing
These chops were nice and moist with great flavor. I served them with couscous on the side, which soaked up all of that delicious juice and dressing.

Chimichurri chicken (pictured)
Fine Cooking calls for oven-roasting these chicken legs, but I used chicken quarters and put them on the grill. The flavor was amazing, and I don’t know why I don’t make chimichurri more often.

Tomato and bread salad (also pictured)
I served the chimichurri chicken with Basic Tomato and Bread Salad, also from Fine Cooking. It was the perfect accompaniment and I even drizzled some chimichurri on my salad, too. Yum.

Smashed potatoes and peas with lemon and dill
I served this side with more pork chops and some green vegetables. I got fresh peas from the market, which were so sweet and delicious, but I don’t find frozen peas really taste much different than fresh. My babies love peas, so this was a hit.

Quick cherry crunch
And for our favorite summer dessert: a sour cherry crisp. The recipe is originally from The Joy of Cooking, and I grew up making it in my mom’s kitchen often. The recipe linked calls for canned cherries, which probably wouldn’t taste half as good. I used fresh-picked sour cherries, which I also froze to use for this dessert. When they’re fresh, or thawed, you can squeeze plenty of juice out of them to make the tapioca mixture. I like lots of crumb on my crisp, so I usually do one and a half the recipe of the crumble. Serve this with homemade vanilla ice cream, and it is summer in a bowl. I could eat this every day.

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