These are a few of our Edith things

Processed with VSCO with a7 presetEvery age of Edith’s proves even more delightful than the last (the current abundance of nighttime sleep certainly helps!), and this age of her saying new things every day is too fun. I am shocked at just how much of a little sponge she is, and then even more entertained when she says something I haven’t heard before.

Here are a few of our favorite things that she says:

“Oh nice.” The other day Edith was just walking around the house, saying this over and over again. My favorite is when it comes out at the appropriate times, like when she comes across something she is interested in.

“Tuck you in?” This is Edith’s request at bedtime and it is probably the sweetest thing she says these days.

“Pooh Bear. Honey.” Edith was introduced to Pooh as simply “Pooh” or “Winnie the Pooh” but began calling him “Pooh Bear” all on her own. “Pooh Bear” is usually followed by “Honey” and then a naming of all of Pooh’s friends.

“Call Ma?” We often call Grandma from Edith’s highchair so every time she sits down to eat Grandma’s homemade applesauce, she always asks to call Grandma.

“Pat Pat Our Lady?” There is an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe over Edith’s bed and she often asks to “pat pat” it (“Our Wady”). Sometimes she wakes up asking to pat pat her.

“Grace Wacy. Shannon.” Whenever I ask Edith what her name is, she answers with her middle and last name and then immediately after says my name. At lunch today, she even added “Travis” to her list. Hilarious.

“Ride bike.” Edith has a family heirloom—a little red indoor tricycle with rubber wheels—and enjoys giving various things rides on her bike. This morning it was John Henry’s pacifier. “Paci ride bike,” and she placed it on the seat and started pushing it around.

“Hi ______.” Whenever Edith learns a new object or even when she is identifying ones she already knows, she usually says hello to them, accompanied by a wave. Today it was “Hi, pot.” “Hi, squirrel.” “Hi, vacuum.”

“Make dough?” Edith is scared of things that make loud noises like the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, and the mixer. She recently overcame her fear of the mixer and now every time she sees it, she asks me to make dough. I have been making dough weekly for Saturday pizza night and always give her a little bit that she then carries around the house for the rest of the day—likely the highlight of her day.

“Eyes. Head. Nose.” Edith randomly starts into naming body parts throughout the day. At lunch we were observing the fat squirrel (the only visitor to our new bird feeder…wah) and started naming its facial features. My favorite, though, was last night when she was standing next to John Henry in his swing, just looking at him. Then she patted him and said “head,” then “eyes,” then “nose,” then craned her neck around to the other side of him to find his “ears.”

“A. B. C. 1. 2. 3.” Yesterday Edith shocked me by saying “three” after I said “one, two,” and she also surprised my by naming the letters, in order, through “f.” Where this girl picks these things up, I have no idea.

“Mommy? Daddy?” Still the best thing to hear. Her inflection of most words makes everything sound like a question, which is even better. We love being this little girl’s mommy and daddy.

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