Settling in to South Bend

As we are far from family and many friends and beginning a new chapter, I thought I might use my blog to offer updates along with the occasional (read: infrequent) piece of writing.

Our summer so far has been a whirlwind of traveling for Edith and I, packing, driving 12 hours north, unpacking, and settling into our very own little house. There is something very strange about one-way drives and simply driving away from a place that has been home to us for two years. Edith and I began the drive from Durham at 5 a.m. so I feel like I hardly had a chance to say goodbye as we drove down the dark streets. In many ways, I feel like we were driving away from one stage of our lives—still a young, married couple with one kid—and driving into a new stage, one of adulthood that includes owning a home, having multiple children, a lawn mower, a water softener, and a washer and dryer in the basement. That last part I am not complaining about one bit; I didn’t even think to say goodbye to the laundry facility at our North Carolina apartment.

We love our new little house and are slowly settling in. As Travis said last night, the downstairs just looks like we’re messy people now instead of like we just moved in. The upstairs, however, definitely look like we finished moving in a few minutes ago. I likely overdid it and pushed myself too hard in the last few days so we are going to take the upstairs a bit more slowly—one clothing tub at a time. And I will spend a lot more time on the couch.

Our first dinner, just the three of us, in our generally unpacked and organized dining room, was tacos and corn and black bean salad, the latter of which Edith couldn’t eat fast enough. She is a girl after my own heart and I see a lot of corn and black beans in these future summer months.

South Bend is certainly a down-grade from Durham and I can’t say I have found much charm yet. We haven’t been many places, but I return from every drive a bit disappointed by just how ugly and run-down this city is. Our street, however, is lovely and our neighbors very kind people. One already mowed our yard for us. The farmers market, too, will afford many happy times and Notre Dame’s campus is a beautiful place to go for walks. There is a beach on one of the campus lakes that I am hoping to frequent with Edith. She spent most of her fourth of July cookout playing in the dirt so I think sand might be a big hit.

We are happy to have the move behind us, and happy to be here.

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