Catching up

_SMO5698 copybcI don’t have many words yet for the past two and a half weeks. It feels that I am being fully initiated into motherhood, and I can only put this time into phrases, not full sentences. 63 hours of labor, wakeful nights and tired days, freezer meals (thanks mothers!), crying, diapers, baby snuggles, tears and laughs over all of these new parent moments, double chins and leg rolls and arm rolls, and one beautiful little girl.

I am already that mother that tells her child to stop growing; I can’t believe how quickly she is changing and becoming less of a newborn. She is absolutely delightful, and we are loving every moment with her.

IMG_20150510_220759It honestly took me by surprise when I realized just how much I love Edith and how I would do anything so that she would be happy or safe or unharmed. Her little (or not so little) cries from her crib when all she needs to do is simply fall asleep are hard to listen to, and we can sit and watch her sleepy grins and hilarious faces for a long time.

I am also learning that motherhood is one great act of trust in a heavenly Father who knows my daughter better than I do and who can provide consolation and peace to my daughter that even I cannot offer.

And I am constantly reminded that this little girl is a gift given to us, but not one for our ultimate possession. She is given to us to be offered again to God. In every moment, I am called to accept and cherish this responsibility of raising and caring for this little baby all with the glorious hope of our Edith Grace being one day united with Christ in glory. I want nothing more for my daughter, and so I lay her daily at the feet of our Lord, asking Him to do as He pleases and to mercifully love and keep this child. Whatever He asks of little Edith and of her parents who love her deeply, I pray only for the courage and strength to say “yes” as I offer myself and her to Christ.

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