A little Lacy

1413310191147It’s true! Come the first few days of May, a little Travis and Shannon will enter the world.

We are delighted about this new little life that has joined the family. Baby Lacy makes me feel like a child pretending to be a grown-up. Or as if I am dreaming and I must be imagining someone else’s life.

Life is a remarkable thing—we look forward to so many milestones, and they come and go, and before long become part of the everyday. In some ways, I can’t remember what it was like before we had this baby. I haven’t had the urge to read a pile of pregnancy books and I really haven’t felt a pile of emotions about this little one, but I am driven to contemplation when I consider this baby living off of my own life, with a heart beating because of my own heart beating.

And I think about the women in the Bible and their pregnancies. I think of the anticipation Mary must have felt, wondering when she would first feel the Lord moving as she didn’t have the luxury of doppler to find the heartbeat at twelve weeks. And of Elizabeth who must have been overwhelmed with joy when her son recognized the presence of Christ, even within the womb. I pray my own baby would know that presence, just as John did. How beautiful that the crowning event of history began with a pregnancy—something so real and physical and gritty, so contrary to the way we think of a far-off God of the universe, yet so true to who Christ is.

Pregnancy also has me in tears at ridiculous times (like when my baseball team takes the field in a postseason game) and leaves me starving after I just finished dinner, but so far it has been a fairly smooth ride and Travis is “pumped about the bump” that is slowly emerging. His excitement is infectious, and I am grateful that he is so thrilled.

I am learning to cherish every wonder and fear as we experience this growing miracle, knowing that in a new way I am learning to say with Mary the mother of God, “Let it be to me according to your word.” I couldn’t hope for anything more.

3 thoughts on “A little Lacy

  1. Yippy skippy! (I’m chuckling at the ridiculous tears comment… me too, friend, me too. Poor husbands.)

    I love being pregnant at Christmas and reflecting on the extra miraculous-ness given to human life by the birth of Christ.

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