Things my husband likes, part IV

_SMO3236 copy

We love our new city and all of the amazing fresh produce, meat, and dairy it has to offer. Durham is a foodie town, and this foodie feels right at home.

A few nights ago, I made this Asian dish, and it was a big hit. Travis thinks he would prefer it served hot—serving it cold seemed so summery to me, and I loved it. But I think next time I will try it hot and see how it goes.

_SMO3264 copyOn Saturday at the farmer’s market, I bought whatever vegetables looked especially lovely and decided I would figure out how to use them later.

Tonight I made a kale and sweet potato hash and served it with a soft fried egg on top. It was delicious with the perfect amount of flavor. I seasoned the potatoes with garlic, cumin, paprika, thyme, and some red pepper flakes and then added the kale right at the end. Travis pronounced it a great dinner. Success.

And to end with a little humor from watching The Fellowship of the Ring the other night—

Saruman: “Do you know how the orcs came into existence?”
Travis: “They were dogs once, but they were fed radioactive biscuits.”

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