Glory in the skies

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetThere seems to be something we can’t resist about taking photos of the sky, particularly of the view out of an airplane window. How many of us have a photograph like this and how many more will we have in our lifetime? Probably hundreds, and no two of them the same.

And the most striking part: the sky always holds magnificent views. Some days it stretches across as a huge, empty expanse and other days fills up with layers of clouds that look like waves or soft places to land. To think that this beauty exists simply because God delights in it. This glory that is far above our heads and sings even when no one is there to hear the song.

Magnitude. Immensity. Glory.

So much glory up there in the clouds, yet God says that of all His creation, we are “very good.” To realize that humanity contains more glory than even the sky. To think that He made us, human creatures, and placed glory upon us. And then He sent His son who bore this glory, perfected; who now counts us as co-heirs and gives us His glory.

The sky speaks big stories; yet they are small compared to the story of the Beauty of the universe, the Word Himself who transforms us into His image as we move from one degree of glory to another. (2 Corinthians 3)

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