Kreeft: Love Is Everything

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset“Not only is love everything, but everything is love.

Love is everything. Love is the soul of everything valuable. The most precious gift in the world given without love is worthless; the cheapest gift in the world given with love is priceless.

But everything is also love. Everything valuable is made of love. Everything that exists, from yourself to a grain of sand, is God’s love made visible, made incarnate—love in the form of creation. The words He spoke to create everything in the universe—”let it be”—were the words of love. He loved stuff into being. Space is love’s spread. The room you are in now is a thousand cubic feet of God’s love spread out. Time is love’s life (“lifetime”). History is love’s drama. Matter is love’s body. Gravity is love’s energy when it moves not souls but stars and stones and storms. We are love’s children. “Be made” means “I love you.” Your very existence is God’s love of you. Love is the meaning of life and the meaning of religion and the meaning of everything.”
(Peter Kreeft, Before I Go: Letters to Our Children about What Really Matters)

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