Lenten Streams: I

I should impress upon your heart, my daughter, that you should pay close attention to the way God tends to the welfare of the people here in the valley. Little rain falls, but He has given you water from the mountains, and the dew refreshes the meadows and fields each night. Thank God for the good gifts He has given you, and don’t complain if you think you are lacking something else that you think would be beneficial.” (Kristin Lavransdatter, Sigrid Undset)

I: Afternoon light at home.

At times, I choose to see the drought instead of the mountain streams.

I think Lent is a rich time in the church calendar to return our hearts to a posture of penitence and confession. If our habits shape who we are, then Lenten habits of fasting, examination, and confession are not done for a short period of time in order to “earn” something, but instead to return our hearts to the right posture before God.

Too often, I choose to see this time in Dallas as a drought. I see the cracks in the parched ground and tell my husband what I do not have instead of what I do. There is something about this place that seems foreign to me. Inherent to this land, this specific place, is a culture and a people and a lifestyle that also seem foreign. Fundamentally, I see this place as a dry valley, and the other parts that I do not understand or even enjoy about it are just inhabitants of this desert. That is where my Lent photo project begins.

Through a daily photo, I want to not only discover but choose to see the mountain streams flowing down all around me. Little rain may fall in this valley, but daily the dew refreshes us and the streams bring water to the dry ground. This project will emphasize space and place and our existence within these corners of the world as I seek to see this particular physical place with eyes of love.

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