Things my husband likes, part II

IMG_20140117_194122“I think the unity of the flavors is the best thing about this meal.”

When your husband says something like that about dinner, you know it is a keeper. I have been making this since I was an Odell girl and it is simple and easy, but absolutely one of the best dinners. I just serve it over brown rice.

At the end of last month’s budget, we had money enough left over from the food category to buy a treat. So far, the treat has always been lamb, but maybe next time I will branch out. I have been wanting to make short ribs recently. I made these goat cheese burgers (pictured), and they were excellent. (The roasted red pepper relish, however, my husband did not like. More for me!)

We also love breakfast food, and I love making the scones from The Bread Bible. That one recipe is worth the entire book.

And to end with a bit of comedy:

Me: “One of my childhood friends got married today.”
Travis: “One of your Amish friends?”

3 thoughts on “Things my husband likes, part II

  1. Pioneer Woman has some yummy short rib recipes. 🙂

    I remember Dr Somerville asking me, with a very solemn face, if I was Amish. Just because he knew it would annoy me.

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